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My Approach

My therapeutic approach is rooted in authenticity, down-to-earth engagement, and a deep understanding of the pivotal role relationships play. I guide clients through an exploration of their stories, aiming to liberate them from entrenched habits and fears, fostering meaningful transformation in the process.

As a first step, I offer a complimentary 20-minute telephone consultation, providing an opportunity to address any questions you may have about my practice.

The assessment session, lasting one hour, is an occasion for me to gather a brief history, discuss your challenges, and understand the changes you aspire to make. Life often presents us with a multitude of challenges—understanding past experiences, navigating current situations, and planning for the future, all concurrently.

For you, the first session serves as an introduction to how therapy can support this multifaceted process. Whether you come with a list of questions or simply as you are, both approaches are equally valued. By the end of our initial time together, my aim is for you to discern whether you would like to continue our therapeutic journey.

Subsequent sessions, each lasting 50 minutes, will be scheduled for a set day and time weekly.

How I deliver therapy:

  • Open-ended or Time-limited

  • Face-to-face or Online (Zoom, FaceTime or telephone)

Languages: English or Italian

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